Postcrossing .......... brengt de wereld bij je thuis.
........... brengt de wereld bij je thuis.
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Chili: Canal Beagle and Pia Glacier

Postcard received from Rocio

Beagle Channel is a strait in the archipelago island chain of Tierra del Fuego on the extreme southern tip of South America partly in Chile and partly in Argentina.The channel allows smaller ships to navigate between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.The postcard shows the Pia Glacier, which lies in a fjord along the Chilean Patagonia coast. It can be visited with special Patagonian Cruise.

In 1810 the government Junta of Chile proclaimed an independent republic. The postage stamp hewever depicts the Spanish fleet with the ship La Reine Isabel while trying to regain Chile in 1818, which did not succeed.
The other 2 postage stamps show some typical Chilean churches.