Postcrossing .......... brengt de wereld bij je thuis.
........... brengt de wereld bij je thuis.
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Buenos Aires: Ciudad de Cupulas

Kaart ontvangen van Julio

The exceptional domes at the Avenida de Mayo and National Congress in Buenos Aires are striking details of unique architectural buildings.  The Avenida de Mayo, which extends 1.5 kilometer, has many sophisticated buildings of art nouveau, neoclassic and eclectic styles.  Any modifications of the buildings must be approved by the National Commission of Monuments and Historic Sites (Comisión Nacional de Monumentos y Lugares Históricos).

The received postcard was sent in an enveloppe as shown here.
The letter was sent for 26,50 Peso (equals 4,58 Euro) as "Certified International Mail".
The mail had to be picked up at the postoffice (code of piece *3SRAMS5484289).