Postcrossing .......... brengt de wereld bij je thuis.
........... brengt de wereld bij je thuis.
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Meeting Paulo


Meeting with Paulo

Me and Paulo at the National Stamp Exhibition Postex-2011 in Apeldoorn - The Netherlands.
Paulo has just received a framed stamp-sheet of the new Dutch postage stamps on Postcrossing.


On 15th October 2011, Paulo Magalhaes gave a lecture about Postcrossing at the National Stamp Exhibition in Apeldoorn.
Some items of the striking statistics include the distribution of age among the participants and the ratio between men/women of the participants.
Generally it can be expected that people with a lot of free time, like retired persons, are the most active with this world-wide hobby.
But, on the contrary, it is the group of people between 15 and 30 that dominates the age distribution.
Paulo also revealed that about 80% of the participants are women.

After six year in operation, the Postcrossing community has grown to about 250.000 members from 198 different countries.
More than 8 million Postcards have been sent so far. It may be expected that after ten years in operation, the amount of postcards can reach up to 45 million.

Postcrossing, a Super-Hobby!